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Consulting services drive upper hand and business development by utilizing innovation to arrive at your objectives. Settle on more intelligent innovation choices, increment ROI and constantly improve.


Consulting Services accomplished for following objectives


  • Providing expertise in a specific market.
  • Identifying problems.
  • Supplementing existing staff.
  • Initiating change.
  • Providing objectivity.
  • Teaching and training employees.
  • Reviving an organization.

Our Main Specialization is performed in IT, Sports and Entertainment

Information Technology-

We provide consulting, planning and suggestions for the information technology segment. 

One Technologies, In a tech-driven world, it is difficult to drive forward when you’re stuck managing an excess of innovation projects, responding to the everyday, or attempting to keep an amassing of obsolete applications and frameworks. At One Technologies, we have confidence in incorporating enlightening innovation (IT) into your general business methodology, assisting you with making the most of the chances it makes, like moving into an alternate market, catching pieces of the overall industry or developing income.


We provide sports consulting services on below points 

  • Brand awareness among customers
  • Pricing concern from consumer perspective
  • Quality for long run
  • Marketing strategy on the competitive basis
  • Forecasting for survival in sports segment


Sports consultings are fundamentally expected to change information to activity taking verifiable bits of knowledge and ideas that grant sports brands, right holders and offices in having principal ROI (Return on Investment) in sports. Autonomous games experts and counseling firms’ conveys vital examination, exhortation and assists with foreseeing the plausible results for future ventures to be made in showcasing and sponsorship. 


By utilizing different games choice models, consultancies direct brands towards fruitful complex games sponsorship scenes. Brands can burrow on to the best-fitted properties to meet their business purposes. Adjusting these cycles sports specialists figure sponsorship classifications and chances relying upon the demographic media esteem, crowd acknowledgment, brand immaculateness and capacity of facing challenges by the customer. They tweak the games sponsorship procedure as needs be.


New release platforms, new digital payment models and new competitors are blowing up existing profit streams for media, entertainment and technology businesses. Companies are stressed to discover new customs to connect and income from today’s digital consumer. With hundreds of works in each part of the ecosystem, One Technologies LLC advises clients in all areas of media, entertainment and technology. We assist our clients to raise profits and stay spirited amid market uncertainty.


How we help:

We concentrate in enlargement strategy development, business support and operation improvement. Our insights, clearness and advice achieve high-impact results for clients, including:


    • TV sector (cable channels, national and local broadcast, satellite, OTT/over-the-top Internet video, IPTV, short-form-video, TV content production, post-production, etc.)
    • Distribution companies (cable companies, satellite companies, IPTV, OTT infrastructure companies)
    • Advertising (TV, digital, radio, newspaper, outdoor/out-of-home, cinema, etc.)
    • Film (studios, cinemas, home entertainment, retail, production, post-production, etc.)
    • Video games and VR
    • Radio
    • Live entertainment (sports, music, theater, etc.)
    • Site-based entertainment (theme parks)
    • Publishers (internet media companies, books, magazines, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
    • Licensed consumer products